Teams out of World Cup 2022: Updated list of nations eliminated from FIFA Qatar 2022

You might know that the 2022 FIFA World Cup began on Sunday, December 18 with 32 teams competing to reach the final. Meanwhile, in this week some other countries will be packing their bags and going home from Qatar after failing to fulfill their ultimate dream.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 began with a group stage and by the end of the field the field was halved, with only 16 teams making it to the knockout rounds, which will be explained in detail below.

Group stage: Sun, Nov. 20 – Fri, Dec. 2
Round of 16: Sat, Dec. 3 – Tue, Dec. 6
Quarterfinals: Fri, Dec. 9 – Sat, Dec. 10
Semifinals: Tue, Dec. 13 – Wed, Dec. 14
Final: Sun, Dec. 18

With so many nations involved, Sportspedia360 will be tracking the teams as they kick off the World Cup in Qatar.

Teams out of the World Cup: Every nation eliminated

Qatar’s soccer team was first eliminated and then followed by Canada as both failed to pick up a point in their first two matches of the group stage. A total of 16 teams were eliminated in the FIFA World Cup 2022 after the group stage and the remaining eight teams will be eliminated in the Round of 16.

The groups finished their games between Tuesday, November 29 and Friday, December 2 and the Round of 16 is already underway from December 3 to 6:

The table given below will be updated from time to time, so you can check Sportspedia360 by coming again. The most recently eliminated team will be on top.

NationFIFA RankingDate EliminatedStage EliminatedHow Eliminated
Australia38Dec. 3Rd of 16Loss vs. Argentina
USA16Dec. 3Rd of 16Loss vs. Netherlands
Serbia21Dec. 2GroupsLoss vs. Switzerland
Cameroon43Dec. 2GroupsSwitzerland win vs. Serbia
Uruguay14Dec. 2GroupsGoals scored tiebreaker
Ghana61Dec. 2GroupsLoss vs. Uruguay
Germany11Dec. 1GroupsGoal difference tiebreaker
Costa Rica31Dec. 1GroupsLoss vs. Germany
Belgium2Dec. 1GroupsDraw vs. Croatia
Mexico13Nov. 30GroupsGoal difference tiebreaker
Saudi Arabia51Nov. 30GroupsLoss vs. Mexico
Tunisia30Nov. 30GroupsWin by Australia vs. Denmark
Denmark10Nov. 30GroupsLoss vs. Australia
Iran20Nov. 29GroupsLoss vs. USA
Wales19Nov. 29GroupsLoss vs. England
Ecuador44Nov. 29GroupsLoss vs. Senegal
Canada41Nov. 27GroupsLoss vs. Croatia AND Morocco win vs. Belgium
Qatar50Nov. 25Groups

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