IPL 2023: All You Need To Know About The TATA IPL 2023

All You Need To Know About The TATA IPL 2023

The Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL, is one of the biggest T20 cricket tournaments in the world. The tournament is known for its high-intensity cricket, celebrity owners, and glitz and glamour. The IPL is back with a bang in 2023, and cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the tournament to begin. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about IPL 2023.

About IPL 2023:

IPL 2023 is the 16th season of the Indian Premier League. The tournament is scheduled to start on 31 march 2023 and will continue till 28th May 2023. The IPL 2023 will feature eight teams, and they will compete in a total of 60 matches. The tournament will take place in different cities across India, and the final will be held in Mumbai.

IPL 2023 Teams

IPL 2023 will feature 8 teams, and they are:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Punjab Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Lucknow Super Giants

All the teams have some of the best players in the world, and they will be looking to win the IPL trophy.

Free Watch IPL Live Matches:

If you want to watch IPL matches for free, we have discussed Top 5 ways to watch Tata IPL 2023 for free just tap on the link below to know

    there are several options available. Some TV channels and streaming platforms offer a free trial period that you can use to watch the matches. You can also check if your mobile network provider offers free streaming of IPL matches.

    You can free watch IPL without spending single penny from your pocket

    Watch IPL Live Match:

    Watching IPL matches live is an experience that every cricket fan looks forward to. There are several ways to watch IPL live matches. If you are in India, you can watch the matches live on TV channels such as Star Sports or on the streaming platform Hotstar. If you are outside India, you can watch the matches on the official website of IPL or on the streaming platforms such as Willow TV or ESPN.

    IPL 2023 Schedule:

    The schedule for IPL 2023 has not been announced yet, but we can expect the tournament to follow a similar schedule as the previous seasons. The tournament usually starts in early April and ends in late May. The full schedule will be released closer to the tournament’s start date.

    Match DateMatch TimeHome TeamAway TeamMatch Venue
    31 March 20237:30 PMGujarat TitansChennai Super KingsAhmedabad
    1 April 20233:30 PMPunjab KingsKolkata Knight RidersMohali
    1 April 20237:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsDelhi CapitalsLucknow
    2 April 20233:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadRajasthan RoyalsHyderabad
    2 April 20237:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreMumbai IndiansBengaluru
    3 April 20237:30 PMChennai Super KingsLucknow Super GiantsChennai
    4 April 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsGujarat TitansDelhi
    5 April 20237:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsPunjab KingsGuwahati
    6 April 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersRoyal Challengers BangaloreKolkata
    7 April 20237:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsSunrisers HyderabadLucknow
    8 April 20233:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsDelhi CapitalsGuwahati
    8 April 20237:30 PMMumbai IndiansChennai Super KingsMumbai
    9 April 20233:30 PMGujarat TitansKolkata Knight RidersAhmedabad
    9 April 20237:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadPunjab KingsHyderabad
    10 April 20233:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreLucknow Super GiantsBengaluru
    11 April 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsMumbai IndiansDelhi
    12 April 20237:30 PMChennai Super KingsRajasthan RoyalsChennai
    13 April 20237:30 PMPunjab KingsGujarat TitansMohali
    14 April 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersSunrisers HyderabadKolkata
    15 April 20233:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreDelhi CapitalsBengaluru
    15 April 20237:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsPunjab KingsLucknow
    16 April 20233:30 PMMumbai IndiansKolkata Knight RidersMumbai
    16 April 20237:30 PMGujarat TitansRajasthan RoyalsAhmedabad
    17 April 20237:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreChennai Super KingsBengaluru
    18 April 20237:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadMumbai IndiansHyderabad
    19 April 20237:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsLucknow Super GiantsJaipur
    20 April 20233:30 PMPunjab KingsRoyal Challengers BangaloreMohali
    20 April 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsKolkata Knight RidersDelhi
    21 April 20237:30 PMChennai Super KingsSunrisers HyderabadChennai
    22 April 20233:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsGujarat TitansLucknow
    22 April 20237:30 PMMumbai IndiansPunjab KingsMumbai
    23 April 20233:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreRajasthan RoyalsBengaluru
    23 April 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersChennai Super KingsKolkata
    24 April 20237:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadDelhi CapitalsHyderabad
    25 April 20237:30 PMGujarat TitansMumbai IndiansAhmedabad
    26 April 20237:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreKolkata Knight RidersBengaluru
    27 April 20237:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsChennai Super KingsJaipur
    28 April 20237:30 PMPunjab KingsLucknow Super GiantsMohali
    29 April 20233:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersGujarat TitansKolkata
    29 April 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsSunrisers HyderabadDelhi
    30 April 20233:30 PMChennai Super KingsPunjab KingsChennai
    30 April 20237:30 PMMumbai IndiansRajasthan RoyalsMumbai
    1 May 20237:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsRoyal Challengers BangaloreLucknow
    2 May 20237:30 PMGujarat TitansDelhi CapitalsAhmedabad
    3 May 20237:30 PMPunjab KingsMumbai IndiansMohali
    4 May 20233:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsChennai Super KingsLucknow
    4 May 20237:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadKolkata Knight RidersHyderabad
    5 May 20237:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsGujarat TitansJaipur
    6 May 20233:30 PMChennai Super KingsMumbai IndiansChennai
    6 May 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsRoyal Challengers BangaloreDelhi
    7 May 20233:30 PMGujarat TitansLucknow Super GiantsAhmedabad
    7 May 20237:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsSunrisers HyderabadJaipur
    8 May 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersPunjab KingsKolkata
    9 May 20237:30 PMMumbai IndiansRoyal Challengers BangaloreMumbai
    10 May 20237:30 PMChennai Super KingsDelhi CapitalsChennai
    11 May 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersRajasthan RoyalsKolkata
    12 May 20237:30 PMMumbai IndiansGujarat TitansMumbai
    13 May 20233:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadLucknow Super GiantsHyderabad
    13 May 20237:30 PMDelhi CapitalsPunjab KingsDelhi
    14 May 20233:30 PMRajasthan RoyalsRoyal Challengers BangaloreJaipur
    14 May 20237:30 PMChennai Super KingsKolkata Knight RidersChennai
    15 May 20237:30 PMGujarat TitansSunrisers HyderabadAhmedabad
    16 May 20237:30 PMLucknow Super GiantsMumbai IndiansLucknow
    17 May 20237:30 PMPunjab KingsDelhi CapitalsDharamshala
    18 May 20237:30 PMSunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangaloreHyderabad
    19 May 20237:30 PMPunjab KingsRajasthan RoyalsDharamshala
    20 May 20233:30 PMDelhi CapitalsChennai Super KingsDelhi
    20 May 20237:30 PMKolkata Knight RidersLucknow Super GiantsKolkata
    21 May 20233:30 PMMumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadMumbai
    21 May 20237:30 PMRoyal Challengers BangaloreGujarat TitansBengaluru


    IPL 2023 promises to be an exciting season, and cricket fans cannot wait for the tournament to begin. The tournament features some of the best players in the world, and the teams will be looking to win the IPL trophy. Watching IPL matches live is an experience that every cricket fan looks forward to, and there are several ways to watch the matches. With the IPL 2023 schedule and teams announced, the excitement for the tournament is only going to grow.

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