Cristiano didn’t say a word on Messi’s title win

Cristiano didn't say a word on Messi's title win

The sports world is praising Lionel Messi as Argentina became world champions. While his teammates, ex-players and sports pundits are praising Messi for his achievements, the silence of Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo is remarkable. Cristiano, who has the most social media followers in the world, did not comment on Messi’s achievement. However, players are wondering why Cristiano has remained silent as Brazil’s most famous player Neymar has shown interest in Messi. Brazilian superstar and PSG teammate Neymar tweeted his congratulations to Messi saying ‘thank you brother’.

Messi and Cristiano are the legends of modern football. The debate about who is “the greatest of all time” has been going on for a long time. Many said the World Cup would be the answer. As Messi returned from Qatar with the world crown on his head, Cristiano returned with a broken heart.

Cristiano has 780 million followers on social media. Although Cristiano has not written about Argentina’s victory over Messi on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The last Instagram post was last week. The last tweet was 10 days ago and the last Facebook post was 8 days ago.

Coach Fernando Santos prepared for the match by keeping Cristiano on the bench during the quarter-finals. The coach was heavily criticized for selling a superstar like Cristiano. Portugal sacked Fernando Santos as coach after defeating Morocco in the quarterfinals

Cristiano expressed his disappointment after Portugal’s exit. The star said winning the World Cup for Portugal was his wish and dream but unfortunately that dream came to an end yesterday.

In 16 years, he played and won five times in the World Cup. Fight with the support of millions of Portuguese and great players. I gave everything. He will never back down from the fight and never give up on the dream. But unfortunately, this dream was shattered yesterday. Much is said, said and written. But my devotion to Portugal never wavered. In an inspiring speech, the superstar said that I am a fighter for everyone and I will not back down from my colleagues and my country.

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